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Our meals are calories and macro nutrient counted so you can achieve the results you want while still feeling your best.

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The UAE’s leading meal prep company serving Abu Dhabi and Dubai.At Coles we pride ourselves on serving amazing tasting, healthy and nutritionally balanced food. We stick to a blueprint of 35% Protein, 35% Carb and 30% Fat split, who said eating healthy had to taste boring right ?

Our Meal Plans

2 Dish Bliss

800 - 1000KCal

2 Meals Per Day

Portion Perfect 1000

1000 - 1200KCal

2 Meals Per Day

Your Low Cal Pal

1200 - 1400KCal

3 Meals Per Day

Balanced Boss

1500 - 1700KCal

3 Meals Per Day

Have You Seen My Gains?

2000 - 2200KCal

4 Meals Per Day

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Only Natural Food

Various Dishes

Handy Packaging

No Deep Frying

Eggs with Bacon and Salad

Eggs with Bacon and Salad is very delicious recipe that is made with eggs, bacon, tomatoes, and salad. The dish contains eggs, bacon, tomatoes, and salad. This dish is a great way to start your day.

Energy: 498 kkal
Protein26 g
Fat: 8 g
Carbohydrates: 49 g

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